Fido has married the symbolic approach known for highest precision and predictability with self-learning neural networks. This patented approach enables machines to understand the English language without the "human bottleneck" - the need for training or labeling data for specific domain of expertise. 

Fido novel approach on Artificial Intelligence has been recognized  by CB Insights and the company was selected to the Artificial Intelligence 100 List ("AI 100"). 




Fido's symbolic AI helps to make informed decisions based on facts and opinions from articles, blogs, reviews etc. It learns directly from humans and turns the decision-making process into a conversation with the internet's collective intelligence.



AI that understands facts and opinions from the Internet

Extracted facts and opinions are fueling a wide range of applications, including:

  • fact checking,
  • making decisions in hospitality & travel, e-commerce and more,
  • answering health care questions based on clinical data, patient and doctor conversations etc.,
  • product development and marketing.