is the leader of the 3rd wave of AI in language understanding. It has been named a Cool Vendor in AI for Conversational Platforms by Gartner and one of the top 4 companies for text analysis/generation selected by CB Insights, a part of the „AI 100" — a listing of the top 100 most promising artificial intelligence companies in the world.

Fido AI has created a new type of Artificial Intelligence for language understanding, enabling AI to read and understand the Internet: articles, blogs, comments, forums, social media, and more. It’s being used for a wide range of applications, including:

- powering chatbots so they can learn automatically from us humans as we freely express our needs and experiences all over the Internet;

- answering business questions based on a large volume of text such as clinical data, patient-to-patient conversations, and reviews;

-cyberbullying and hate speech detection.




According to DARPA, there are three waves of AI. In the past, we have had symbolic AIs with handcrafted knowledge. Nowadays, we can see the flowering of the second wave -- statistical learning. We have already seen its great successes, and recently we become more and more aware of its limitations. Fido AI is a pioneer of the third wave of AI -- contextual adaptation.




We believe in a safer and kinder internet free of online violence, cyberbullying and sexual harassment.

That's why we build the most accurate Artificial Intelligence system to protect children and communities online.

If you want Fido AI to help protect your community, contact us: