According to DARPA, there will be three waves of AI. In the past, we have had symbolic AIs with handcrafted knowledge. Today, we can see the flowering of the second wave -- statistical learning. We have already seen its great successes, and recently we have become increasingly aware of its limitations. Fido AI is a pioneer of the third wave of AI -- contextual adaptation.

Both of the previous waves were strong at some aspects and poor at others. The first wave -- handcrafted knowledge -- represented strong reasoning and poor learning capabilities, and vice versa in the case of the second wave -- statistical learning. Both ways seem to be very distinct yet very complementing. We believe that the third wave has to emerge as an intersection of the two previous waves.

Fido decided to set its course for a novel hybrid approach that preserves both strong reasoning and learning capabilities. Instead of training on narrow verticals, we are teaching computers how language works step by step. That's why we were able to move away from handcrafted knowledge and statistical categorization towards unbounded knowledge that can be automatically acquired from the whole Internet.